KegLand AlcoEngine Copper Pot Still Top w/ Garden Hose Quick Disconnect (QD)

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This copper pot still head attachment features male garden hose quick disconnects (QDs) for easy connection to supply condenser water. This connection kit includes female quick disconnects and tubing for the coolant inlet and outlet, and is a nice addition to this pot still head. The Alcoengine copper pot still is also available with barbed connections if you would prefer to fit your tubing without quick disconnects. 

This simple and economic pot still head design does a great job allowing the congeners and volatile aromas that form the complex structure of many whiskeys and gins to come through.  The V-shaped head was been created to capture these vital esters, aldehydes, and phenolic compounds. For all dark and aged spirits, you'll get everything necessary to give the final spirit a complexity that you wouldn't want to strip away using a still head with more reflux.

Combine with a Kegland distillation lid to use either a BrewZilla brewing system or DigiBoil electric boiler as the base for this Alcoengine still top.