AlcoEngine Cooling Connection Kit For Condenser - Garden Hose Quick Disconnect

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This connection kit is for easy use of a garden hose into the Kegland AlcoEngine copper pot still or copper reflux still condensers (product numbers DS120 and DS130). The vinyl tubing is connected to the yellow female quick disconnect and then attached to the cooling water inlet and outlet on the condenser. To attach the tubing, unscrew the QD's locking ring, attach the tubing to the barb, and thread it back on the locking ring. The ring will compress the tubing around the barb and provide a tight seal.


  • 2 x Female Plastic Quick Disconnects (QD)
  • 2 x 10 ft. lengths of 1/2" ID vinyl tubing
  • 1 x Female garden hose by 1/2" barb adapter
  • 1 x Hose clamp