Still Spirits Pure - Turbo Yeast

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One of the best turbo yeasts we've used. If you're fermenting any refined sugar (like dextrose or sucrose), agave, honey, cane juice, fruits, etc., this is an excellent all-purpose yeast and nutrient package to keep around.

Turbo yeast should be used when the nutrient is needed, which makes it turbo yeast- an abundance of nutrients for the yeast to keep them healthy and work fast. Still Spirits Pure is a great choice when alcohol quality is of primary importance. It's best to use this particular turbo when a cool fermentation temperature (65°-70°F / 18°-20°C) can be maintained.

Pure can be used for any type of alcohol but is best for neutral spirits, vodka, gin, schnapps, and brandy.

This 110g pack can ferment up to 15 lbs (7kg) of sugar.

Characteristics: Ultimate alcohol quality
Max Sugar Quantity: 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
Ideal Water Start Temp: 86° F (30° C)
Ferment Temp Range: 64 - 75° F (18 - 24° C)
Ideal Ferment Temp: 68° F (20° C)
Approx. Ethanol %: 15.0%