Rahr High DP Distillers Malt 1lb-55lb

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Unmilled malt.  Size options available.

Rahr distillers malt is made using North American grown barley. The malt is made to maximize the enzymatic activity to provide the needed functionality for the distiller. This product is extremely high in diastatic power and alpha amylase along with high levels of FAN (free amino nitrogen) for yeast nutrition. The typical diastatic power in this high-quality distillers malt is 220 °L (degrees lintner) or higher.

This barley malt is my recommendation for bourbon making, corn whiskey, rye whiskey, and wheat whiskey, especially when the amount of unmalted grain (usually flaked, cracked, or raw) is more than 80% of the grain bill.

It should be used in Aaron's Thin Mash Whiskey recipe and can be used in moonshine, bourbon, or other American whiskies.

Check out the book How To Distill for further information and recipes that use flaked corn, including:

  • Bourbon Style Whiskey
  • Corn Whiskey recipe