Cornmeal (Mealed Corn) 1lb-50lb

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Corn (maize) is traditionally used to make bourbon, moonshine, corn whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey. Appreciated by distillers for its rich, sweet flavor.

Please note this is a raw grain, umalted, as is typical of corn. You will need enzymes or high enzyme distillers malt to concert this corn to sugar.

Thic corn comes mealed, a finer level of milling typically used in distilling. I recommend adding rice hulls to assist with lautering when mashing or cereal mashing. Cereal mashing or "cooking" the corn, will gelatinize the corn to aid in the conversion of the grain for the enzymatic activity to take action during sacchrification (mashing). When used in cereal mashing most recipes will call for malted barley. You'll want distillers malt, which has high diastatic power (high DP) for a successful conversion to fermentable sugar during the mash process.