OId Forester Clone Kit - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This Old Forester kit makes 5 gallons of wash between 10-12% ABV. This typically produces around 1 gallon of finished spirit. You will usually get between 0.8 gallons (4000mls) and 1.2 gallons (5000mls) based on mash efficiency, your still, and your aging technique.

The all-grain kit contains over 20 pounds of grain, and you may need to split the grain and enzymes and mash twice if your equipment isn't large enough.

  • The all-grain kit contains:

Corn, rye, and barley malt, all milled or ground and ready to use. This kit also contains enzymes, yeast, and oak for aging.

All-grain kit difficulty: Advanced*** 

The partial mash kit contains:

Grain for steeping, as well as malt extract and sugar. This kit also contains a steeping bag, enzymes, yeast, and oak for aging. 

Partial mash kit difficulty: Experienced** 


About our difficulty rating on kits:

Expert**** - Not for the faint of heart and best for those up for a challenge. These kits most likely require a full cereal mash, good control over your still, and possibly some polishing, aging, or blending to get the best results.

Advanced*** - These kits are for folks with some experience mashing grain for sugar. They may require you to have good control over your mash temperatures and/or have a still you have some control over.

Experienced** - For those looking to dabble in a slightly more demanding kit. This often includes grain or additional steps than a traditional sugar wash would.

Straightforward* - Some of our easiest kits. This doesn't mean you can't make high-quality spirit, it just means it doesn't require advanced techniques.  Many styles of spirits do not require advanced techniques.