Blue Juniper Berries 1lb

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Juniper berries are the key flavoring agent and botanical in gin and genever (genievre, jenever, peket, Dutch gin, Holland gin, Geneva gin.) In many countries, Juniper berry is required by law to be included in gin. 

Juniper can be added after the stripping run directly to the spirit as a maceration (steep), and/or during a second spirit run in a botanicals basket to perform a traditional vapor infusion of the spirit. More information on botanicals, botanical blends, and gin recipes are available in How To Distill.

The common juniper is a small evergreen tree related to cedar, cypress, and other conifers. The mature, dark-colored cones, or berries, lend a slightly citrus and pine-like flavor to foods and beverages. In Northern Europe, juniper berries are used as a spice to season game meats and sauerkraut, as well as beer.