Angel's Envy Clone Kit - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This kit makes 5 gallons of wash at 12% ABV. Typically produces around 1 gallon of finished spirit. You will usually get between 0.9 gallons (4000mls) and 1.1 gallons (5000mls) based on mash efficiency, your still, and your aging technique.

The all-grain kit contains over 23 pounds of grain, and you may need to split the grain and enzymes and mash twice if your equipment isn't large enough.

What we know about Angel's Envy bourbon:

  • It contains 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Barley
  • It is typically aged for 4 years at 125 Proof (62.5% ABV)
  • It uses a double maturation, also known as a 'finishing' barrel
  • The finishing barrel is a port barrel
  • It is blended to taste
  • It is bottled at 86.6 proof (43.3% ABV)

The all-grain kit contains:

Corn, rye, and barley malt, all milled or ground and ready to use. This kit also contains enzymes, yeast, and oak for aging. You will need to provide port wine to soak your oak in. Instructions included as well for faster aging or full aging. Most home distillers use increased oak amounts and don't typically age the legally mandated time. Blending instruction included as well (optional). For blending, we recommend two kits. The kit requires a mash vessel (mash tun).

All-grain kit difficulty: Advanced*** 

The partial mash kit contains:

Grain for steeping, as well as malt extract and sugar. This kit also contains a steeping bag, enzymes, yeast, and oak for aging. You will need to provide port wine to soak your oak in. 

Partial mash kit difficulty: Experienced** 


About our difficulty rating on kits:

Expert**** - Not for the faint of heart and best for those up for a challenge. These kits most likely require a full cereal mash, good control over your still, and possibly some sort of polishing, aging, or blending to get the best results.

Advanced*** - These kits are for folks with some experience mashing grain for sugar. They may require you to have good control over your mash temperatures and/or have a still you have some control over.

Experienced** - For those looking to dabble in a slightly more demanding kit. This often includes grain or additional steps than a traditional sugar wash would.

Straightforward* - Some of our easiest kits. This doesn't mean you can't make high-quality spirit, it just means it doesn't require advanced techniques.  Many styles of spirits do not require advanced techniques.