100% Premium Agave Syrup Bulk Bucket 55lbs (25kg)

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Agave is the primary ingredient in tequila, pulque, and in the US, blue agave spirits and liquors. Agave syrup (sometimes called agave nectar) is the product of harvesting and stripping the piña of a weber blue agave – the only species used to produce authentic tequila in Mexico. The piña is mashed and cooked, and the sugar syrup is extracted for fermentation.

Beware- Agave syrup is sometimes augmented or cut with corn sugar - these products are less expensive and of lesser quality than this pure syrup. 

This syrup is 100% organic blue agave, non-GMO and allergen-free, and is for those looking to create true tequila and agave-style spirits.

This item contains 55 lbs of agave syrup and ships in bulk in a bucket.