Join me at CBC in Minneapolis to discuss brewstilleries!

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Join me at CBC in Minneapolis to discuss brewstilleries!

If you find yourself at the Craft Brewers Conference in Minneapolis this May, don't miss out on the panel I'll be leading around brewstilleries, and all you need to consider when adding a distillery to a craft brewery.

If you're interested in all that goes into adding or opening a distillery to a business, this will be a great seminar to catch.

Here's more information:

Panel Seminar : The Brewstillery: You're Halfway There!

Learning Track: Business & Leadership

Date: 03/05/2022

Time: 13:30 - 14:30

Room: L100D-G

Many brewery owners consider expanding into distillation. Should you explore this option further? In this seminar, we'll take a look at market and management considerations, production logistics, sales and marketing challenges, and the overall feasibility of opening a distillery alongside a brewery.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the current brewstillery landscape
  • Learn about the additional considerations involved in distilling (licensing, production, expenses)
  • Talk about how to build a timeline and budget for your distillation program
  • Explore what success looks like for a brewstillery
  • Decide if expanding into distilling is right for you, including a checklist of things to consider

    Stop by and say hi! I hope to see you there!