2.5 Gallon (10L) Stovetop Pot Still

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This is a basic stovetop still, a cost-effective way to start distilling and learn the craft. This pot (alembic) still has a basic flake stand and worm condenser mounted on top. A small still like this is easy to set up and tear down anywhere.
Manufacturer Specifications :

Material  Stainless steel and copper
Color  Natural silver
Weight  7.75 lbs (3.5kg)
Dimensions 10.6" (27cm) width x 7.9" (20cm) height
Fluid Capacity 2.5 gallons (10L)

  • It's best to clean and dry the distiller before and after using.
  • Built using 'ethanol friendly argon welding rather than the more hazardous soldering methods sometimes incorporated in still building.
  • You will want to have a stovetop or hot plate to use as your heat source. 
This still package includes :

1 x Stainless steel kettle boiler with thermometer
1 x Copper coil for condensing with stainless flake stand to recirculate water through.
1 x Water house with an inlet for your tap
1 x Air vent valve if you would like to use it to ferment
1 x Basic instructions from the manufacturer: 'How To Make Moonshine And Recipes'
1 x Copper condenser coil

Please note that each unit is handmade, and may have minor blemishes and imperfections. You may find a little dent here or there, but it's a still, and that sort of character comes with use as well!